This One Tool Improved My Cooking – HexClad Nonstick Hybrid Wok


It started, like so many things in my life right now, on Instagram. I was scrolling through cooking videos, trying to find easy but exciting things to cook, when I noticed a cool looking pan. The inside had a honeycomb pattern and it was being used to sear a piece of meat. A quick scan of the captions and hashtags lead me to HexClad. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t either. But I wasn’t—well, I’m not—much of a cook.

In fact, before the pandemic, anything cooked in my kitchen would have been embarrassingly basic. But not anymore. Why? Because I invested in this one pan. And by invest, I mean upgraded from the tattered skillet with a loose handle I’d been cooking with for far too long. And by pan, I really mean wok.

But let’s go back a few steps. Of course, there are plenty of options when you want to purchase cookware. Cast iron is classic. And stainless steel is sexy. But they always seem better suited to serious cooks. I need a nonstick pan. One that guarantees mess-free scrambled eggs, the easiest of grilled cheeses and something to cook meatballs in. But, of course, for all their promises, most non-stick pans have their limitations.

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